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SPG Business Credit Card: Earn up to 10,000 Bonus Starpoints

SPG Business AmexFor a limited time, eligible existing SPG Business Amex cardmembers can earn up to 10,000 bonus Starpoints. If you are eligible for this promotion, once you register your card, you’ll earn 5,000 Starpoints after spending $5,000 in qualifying purchases. You’ll earn another 5,000 Starpoints after you spend an additional $5,000 on qualifying purchases, for a maximum of 10,000 bonus Starpoints.
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Experian Provides Free Credit Report, Monitoring Through Its Mobile App

ExperianExperian has launched their own mobile app, providing free access to your Experian credit report, as well as free credit monitoring and alerts. The Experian Free Credit Report app is currently in beta, and available on both iOS and on Android.

In addition to showing your free credit report, including your credit accounts, inquiries and public records, the app also provides free alerts when a new account is opened in your name, an address is changed, a public record is listed, or there’s a new hard inquiry. Your credit report is automatically updated every 30 days when you sign in.
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Capital One Quicksilver: Get Every 10th Ride Free on Uber (Up to $15)

Uber / Cap One DealThe Capital One Quicksilver card used to be hands-down the best card to use on Uber purchases, thanks to the 20% statement credit on every ride promotion. Unfortunately, that offer expired in April 2016 and there hasn’t been anything like it available since then.

That changed today when Uber announced it would be introducing a new loyalty program called Payment Rewards. As part of the new program, through March 2017, Uber is offering every 10th ride for free (up to $15) when you pay with a Capital One Quicksilver or QuicksilverOne card.
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Chase Freedom Extends Bonus 5% Cash Back at Wholesale Clubs Through End of 2016

chase-freedom-warehouse-clubsThis quarter, from April 1 through June 30, Chase Freedom cardmembers can earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in purchases at grocery stores and wholesale clubs. Chase probably originally picked wholesale clubs as a bonus category for this quarter to coincide with Costco’s transition to accepting Visa cards, as a reminder that “Hey, now you can use the Freedom card there, too!”

Well, the Costco transition from American Express to Visa has taken longer than expected, and as a result, Chase Freedom cardmembers would have only had between June 20 and June 30 to take advantage of the 5% bonus at Costco.
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Discover Expands Free Credit Score Access to the General Public

Free Discover FICO ScoreNot so long ago, it wasn’t possible to get a copy of your credit score without paying for it. Fortunately, due to the advocacy of consumer watchdogs and agencies such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, it’s become easier than ever to access your score. Now, a number of banks offer this information for free to their customers.

Up to this point, however, nearly all credit card issuers required an existing relationship in order to get a free score. Discover is looking to change that, once again taking a leadership role in expanding credit score access. In 2013, it was the first major credit card issuer to provide free credit scores (from TransUnion) to their customers on their monthly statements. On Friday, it is announcing it will become the first credit card issuer to provide free credit scores from Experian to the general public.
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