BP Visa: 5% on BP, Amoco Purchases, 2% on Travel and Dining Purchases

Courtesy of CardRatings:

Effective May 1, the BP Visa is being revised to:

5% on BP, Amoco purchases (was 3%)

2% on travel-related expenses (hotels, airfare, car rentals) and dining out (new benefits)

1% on all else, except nothing on non-BP gas purchases.

AND …..

The rewards schedule is not not tied in with a BP gas purchase. It is based on a points total, and 2500 points gets you a $25 check or $25 gift card…

…New cardholders get double rebates for 60 or 90 days (I’m not sure which). Existing cardholders will be automatically switched to this new better program effective 5-1-06.

As a gas card, this offer is only mediocre since it requires that you fill up at BP, but the 2% on travel and dining is attractive.

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