Citi CashReturns Mastercard: 5% CashBack for 3 Months with No Cap

For a big spender, this deal seems a bit too good to be true. The Citi CashReturns MasterCard is offering 5% cash back on everything for 3 months, apparently with no cap:

Automatic cash back on purchases.2 Who wouldn’t like that? With the Citi CashReturnsSM MasterCard®, you’ll earn 5% cash back on all purchases for 3 months and 1% thereafter.2 It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s automatic. Receive your cash back redemption check automatically after you earn 50 CitiDollarsSM. Plus, there’s no limit to the amount of cash back you can earn.2

If you can funnel a lot of spending onto this card, as long as you can get a large credit line, or can reallocate your existing Citi lines, this could mean a large short-term bonus. The card also does offer an intro 0% balance transfer for 12 months, but it is basically an afterthought, because it has a 3% fee, $5 min and no cap. Since you have up to 12 months from opening the account to use the balance transfer, you should at least wait until the intro 5% period is over before considering using the balance transfer offer.

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  • anonymous

    Do you think this will last for awhile or be gone in a few days? I got a TWO new CITI cards recently, so I have a very slim chance getting approved for another one. If this only lasts for around a month or two, I’d be so glad.

  • ccwatcher

    I would think that the card should last around for more than a few days, considering that Citi just issued a press release about it. However, the same press release makes no mention about the promotional 3 months with 5%, so that is one thing that they may choose to withdraw at some point.

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