Citi Professional Card: 0% APR on BT for 12 Months Plus 15,000 Thank You Points

Much to my surprise, more no fee balance transfer offers keep popping up. The latest discovery is an offer for the Citi Professional Card. This particular deal provides an intro 0% APR on balance transfers for 12 months with no balance transfer fees. In addition, you’ll earn 15,000 Thank You points after your first purchase.

Other standard features of the card include:

  • Receive quarterly & annual account summaries separated by purchase category at no additional cost
  • 24/7 personal business assistant to arrange business dining, travel & entertainment
  • Prescription discount program for cardmembers & their dependents

A word of warning: these terms are far better than what is currently available on Citi’s website. The current offer for this card shows an intro 0% on purchases for 12 months, but no intro balance transfer offer, and no bonus Thank You points. So it may be advisable to save some screenshots or printouts of the offer if you choose to apply.

Link (Via FW)

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  • Mike

    Your suggestion to make a printout of the offer is an excellent one.Citibank is notorious for trying to avoid paying bank account bonuses by claiming that you didn’t enter the promotion code on the account application, EVEN THOUGH THE CODE WAS ALREADY FILLED IN!!

  • Shane

    I just found this board! It’s a great place to come to look for BT deals. I’d have a hard time finding these “no balance transfer fee” deals on my own. Thanks for a great site!

  • ccwatcher

    Shane, thanks for your comments. Glad that you find the site useful.

    If you do find any deals yourself, please do share… thanks.

  • Jason

    I applied and was approved. I got this in the email:
    Dear XXXX XXXX

    Why we’re writing you
    Congratulations! You have been approved for the Citi(R)
    Professional(SM) Card MasterCard(R) account. You should receive
    your new card and Card Agreement within a week.

    Here’s what you should know
    Information about your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and
    any eligible promotional rate will be displayed on the
    folder containing your card. Some details of your
    Card Agreement may be different from the terms that were
    disclosed on your application. Please be sure to review
    your Card Agreement for any changes.

    We value you as a customer and appreciate the opportunity
    to serve your financial needs.


    Credit Operations Department

    Not sure I will get what was promised to me…will wait and see

  • I can give a testimonial on this card. I use the Citi Profesional card for everything. The bonus points helped me, and I am earning credit rewards fast.

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