Get $10 For Using the Paypal Plug-In

The Paypal plug-in, which lets users generate virtual credit card numbers for online purchases, has now been available for over half a year. To further encourage its adoption, Paypal is running a special promo: Simply spend at least $50 using the Paypal Plug-in by June 30 and you’ll get $10 back in your Paypal account.

This may be a targeted promo, as the terms state:

To be eligible for the Offer, you must: (1) have a confirmed U.S. PayPal account in good standing, (2) receive an email directly from PayPal inviting you to participate in the Offer, (3) make a purchase using the Secure Cards feature of PayPal Plug-In no later then June 30, 2008, (4) make one or more purchases and spend $50 or more within the Offer period. (5) Offer available only to those who are downloading for the first time. You must not have downloaded PayPal Plug-In or Virtual Debit Card before June 3, 2008. If the payment is refunded or cancelled, you are not eligible for the promotion.


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