How to Cash In Your Cap One Matched Miles Fast

venture match my miles sold outDid you sign up for the Capital One “Match My Miles” promo while it was still alive? If so, someone on SD has discovered a loophole that will allow you to cash out your miles almost immediately without incurring additional travel expenses or forcing you to redeem them for gift cards.

This loophole, which could be closed at any time, does require that you have charged at least some travel expenses in the past 90 days to your card:

here is the trick, must follow in exact steps

1- login to your cap one account, and select explore rewards
2- go to redeem up top, and select redeem for previously purchased travel
3- select the travel from 90 days you want to redeem against
4- give it a day or so to credit
5- rinse and repeat until you depleat your points agaisnt the same travel
6- if you have a $0 balance to start with, and end up having a credit balance thereafter, just call capone and tell them to issue you a check for the balance (since they owe you money at that point). or just use the card for whatever until you are back to owing them a few dollars

bam bam bam. thankz cap0nez. this trick has worked for at least a week, so be nible and be quick incase they change their minds

Via SD

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