More Amex / Twitter Deals: Discounted Products from Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox

Amex / Twitter SyncAmerican Express and Twitter have a new ecommerce experiment in the works. We saw the first example of it at work in Monday’s $25 Amex gift card deal. Their ultimate goal seems to be to turn Twitter into another platform for ecommerce, powered by Amex’s proprietary Card Sync technology.

Their next step in enticing consumers to buy in? Beginning today at noon EST, they will be offering special deals on products from Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox.

The products on sale are:

Product Price Product #hashtag
Amazon Kindle Fire HD $149.99 + tax #BuyKindleFireHD
Sony Action Cam & Waterproof Headband Mount $179.99 + tax #BuyActionCamPack
Urban Zen Bracelet Designed by Donna Karan $80.00 + tax #BuyUrbanZenBracelet
Xbox 360 4GB console with a 3-month Xbox LIVE Subscription and 2 game tokens $179.99 + tax #BuyXbox360Bundle
Xbox Controller $29.99 + tax #BuyXboxController

Quantities are limited and this sale will run through March 3, 2013 or while supplies last. If you wish to purchase any of these products, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • If you haven’t already taken advantage of Amex / Twitter deals in the past, you’ll first need to sync your American Express card to your Twitter account. You can do that by going to this link and following the instructions.
    • Note: If you are a complete novice to Twitter, you can read this post to step you through the process of creating a new Twitter account and syncing your Amex with it.
  • From your Twitter account, tweet the special product #hashtag for the product you would like to purchase.
  • Look for a response from @AmexSync under the mentions tab at The response will contain your confirmation #hashtag. You may need to wait a while before receiving the confirmation tweet from Amex.
  • Tweet the confirmation #hashtag within 15 minutes of receiving the response from @AmexSync.
  • Once the purchase is confirmed, you’ll receive another response from @AmexSync at telling you that your purchase was successful as well as an email. Your purchase will then be shipped via free 2-day shipping.

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