Gas Rebate Credit Card Roundup

Editor’s Note: While the information presented was accurate at the time of publication, it is now outdated. For the latest details on these cards, see the following links:

Posted May 17, 2006 — Is the price of gas hurting your pocketbook? If you don’t already have one, maybe it’s time to consider adding a credit card that gives you a rebate on your gas purchases. Below is a compilation of these cards:

  • Citi Dividend Platinum Select – 5% rebate at gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores
  • Chase Cash Plus Rewards – 5% rebate at gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores
  • American Express Blue Cash – 5% rebate at gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores/1.5% everywhere else once your year-to-date spending reaches $6,500; 1% at gas stations, grocery stores and drug stores/0.5% for the first $6,500 of spending in a year
  • Discover Platinum Gas Card – 5% rebate on gas
  • Hess Platinum Visa – 10% rebate at Hess during the first 90 days; 5% afterwards
  • Chase PerfectCard – 6% rebate on gas during the first 90 days; 3% afterwards
  • Marathon Platinum Mastercard – 10% rebate at Marathon during the first 60 days; 5% afterwards
  • BP Visa – 10% rebate at BP and Amoco during the first 60 days; afterwards, 5% rebate at BP and Amoco, 2% on eligible travel and dining; 0% at non-BP gas stations
  • Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard – 8% rebate at Speedway, SuperAmerica, and Rich Oil during the first 60 days; 4% afterwards

Note: Unless otherwise noted, each card also earns a 1% rebate on other purchases. For each card’s full terms and conditions, please visit the card issuer’s web site.

If you carry a balance, then ignore what I’m about to say, as reward cards aren’t for you. Instead, you should focus upon getting the card with the lowest interest rate.

Otherwise, for those looking for a gas rebate card, most will be best off with either the Citi Dividend, Chase Cash Plus or American Express Blue Cash, as they offer the most cash back at gas stations after the promotional period without tying you to a particular brand. Among those three, I would recommend either the Citi Dividend or the Blue Cash, since the Chase Cash Plus card is no longer being actively marketed and appears to have an uncertain future.

For big spenders, the Blue Cash may make the most sense as you’ll be able to fully take advantage of the higher tier of rewards. For everyone else, the Citi Dividend will offer the most value, as you earn 5%/1% from your first dollar. Do keep in mind that there are limits to your rebates. The Citi Dividend limits you to $300 cash back in a year, while the Blue Cash limits your rebates to the first $50,000 of spending in a year.

New Revised Borders Visa: Now 3% back at Borders, 2% on Gas, Dining and Groceries

Chase has made changes to its Borders 3.2.1 Visa to make it much more attractive, increasing the number of points awarded and enabling “Borders Rewards” members to double-dip. As reported by CardTrak, some of the features of the new program include:

  • 3 points for every $1 spent when you use your Borders 3.2.1 Visa at Borders®, Borders Express,, Waldenbooks® and
  • 2 points for every $1 spent on eligible Gas, Dining and Groceries purchases.
  • 1 point for every $1 spent anywhere else.
  • Redeem your 3.2.1 Visa points for Borders Gift Cards, Cash, Travel Rewards, Gas & Restaurant Gift Cards and much more! Plus, no cap on the points you can earn! Earn a $25 Borders Gift card with just 2,500 points.
  • 0% fixed APR* for up to 12 months
  • No Annual Fee

Previously, you would have only received 2 points per dollar spent at Borders and 1 point per dollar spent anywhere else. Redemption options were also limited to Borders gift certificates.

In addition, “Borders Rewards” members can elect to add their Borders Rewards number to their Borders 3.2.1 Visa. Doing so allows them to also accrue 5% of their qualifying purchases on the card towards their Holiday Savings Reward.

Edit 10/22/2010: This offer is no longer available. For a list of currently available Chase cards, please see this link.

Amex Business Cards: Get a $40 Statement Credit For Paying Two Cable, Satellite, DSL or Internet Bills Before 7/31

Most AMEX Business Cardholders should be automatically enrolled in this targeted promotion. As described on FW:

We’ll credit your Business Card Account $40 when you pay your cable, satellite, DSL or Internet bill twice with your Card between May 1 and July 31, 2006.

More information about AMEX automatic bill pay can be found at:

1 88 89 90 91 92 93