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  • Mary Jo Bryan

    I currently have a Southwest Chase card. Could I transfer what I owe them to this card? The older program would work.

    Thank you,


    I currentlyhave a AirTran (Barclay’s) Visa Card.
    Now that AirTran and Southwest are combined, is
    the mileage or points that I have left on Air Tran
    able to be combined with a new Southwest Visa card
    ?? I also have had a Southwest Rapid Rewards card
    for several yeaars. Thank You
    Joan Dwyer
    August 15, 10ll

  • ccwatcher


    The rewards systems of Air Tran and Southwest are not fully integrated yet. This means that for now, A+ Rewards credits cannot be transferred into Rapid Rewards points or redeemed for Southwest flights or vice versa. Eventually, the airlines will provide options to earn and/or redeem in both programs, but that day has not come yet.

  • Linda

    Missed the 2 free flights I guess. do you think southwest will offer the two flights again, maybe in Jan?


  • ccwatcher


    The 2 free flights offer has come and gone a few times this year, so there’s a good chance that Chase will bring it back at some point. Whether it will be as soon as January remains to be seen– I haven’t heard anything to that effect as of now. If it does reappear, we’ll definitely cover it in this blog, so if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe!

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