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Bank of America, Wells Fargo Expand Free FICO Score Access

Credit ScoreSlowly but surely, it’s getting easier to grab a copy of your credit score for free. Thanks to some nudging of the banks by the CFPB and others, more consumers than ever can now see how their credit rates without having to pay for it. The latest news comes from Bank of America and Wells Fargo, where eligible customers can now enjoy expanded access to their FICO score for free.
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Bank of America Preferred Rewards = Top Tier Credit Card Rewards for Customers with Deep BofA Ties

Bank of America Preferred Rewards ProgramLast year, Bank of America introduced Preferred Rewards, a loyalty program that rewards clients for having an extensive relationship with Bank of America, Merrill Edge and Merrill Lynch. This week, it launched a national ad campaign to publicize the program. Why is this interesting to credit card consumers? Because with the bonuses you earn at the highest level, it’s possible to earn 2.625% cash back on general spending or 5.25% cash back on gas–numbers that eclipse the maximum possible on other cards.
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BofA Introduces New Credit Card with Rewards of Up to $120/Year for Paying On Time

BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards CardThe concept of a credit card that rewards you for paying your balance on time is not entirely new. For instance, the old Discover Motiva card rebated 5% of your current month’s interest when you paid on time and the Citi Forward for College Students card will reduce your purchase APR when you pay on time 3 billing periods in a row. But those incentives pale in comparison to the rewards that Bank of America is offering on its new BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards credit card. The new card will pay you a cash rebate of up to $120 a year, as long as you pay your monthly bill on time and pay more than the monthly minimum each time.
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Bank of America Introduces Three New Travel Credit Cards

Bank of America Travel Credit CardThe competition for the travel credit card market is heating up, as Bank of America today announced three new offerings. The new BankAmericard Travel Rewards, BankAmericard Privileges with Travel Rewards and WorldPoints Travel Rewards for Business all feature no foreign transaction fees, no expiration on points and flexible redemption on any airline, hotel or other travel provider.
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Farewell Sweet Schwab Card

Schwab Credit CardThe writing has been on the wall for quite some time. Arguably the best general purpose cash back credit card of all-time, the sweetness that was the 2% ex-Schwab card was bound to end sooner or later. Ever since the card stopped accepting new applications over a year ago, existing cardholders have been nervously speculating when the party would end. Well, doomsday now has a date: October 31, 2011.
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