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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard Review: The First Social, Crowd-Sourced Credit Card

Barclaycard Ring MasterCardBarclaycard recently announced the introduction of the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard, what it calls “the first social credit card to be designed and built through the power of community crowdsourcing.” The new card will offer a low 8% interest rate, low fees, simple terms and the opportunity for cardmembers to influence the card’s terms and policies. While the concept of allowing the community to set the rules for a credit card is innovative, the question that needs to be asked is: will the card be worth it?
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Priceline Rewards Visa: 2% Credit Card?

Priceline Rewards VisaWith the impending demise of the 2% Schwab card, there’s been a lot of scrambling to find a replacement. This post on FW describes a new targeted offer for the Priceline Rewards Visa that presents an intruiging possibility. This version of the card earns 5 points per dollar spent on “Name Your Own Price” Priceline purchases and 2 points per dollar everywhere else with no annual fee, a superior value when compared to the other publicly available Priceline credit cards.
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Priceline Rewards Visa: 0% BT for 9 Months, Plus Up to $50 Bonus and Barclays recently introduced the new Priceline Rewards Visa Card. Not surprisingly, it is most suitable for users, but it also carries an intro 0% balance transfer offer for 9 months (max fee of $50) that will appeal to a wider audience.

The card comes in two versions: one version carries an $29 annual fee while the other does not. The $29 annual fee card offers a $50 bonus after your initial purchase, while the no-fee card offers a $25 initial purchase bonus.
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