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The Deadline for EMV Credit Cards Has Arrived: What Does It Mean?

Secure Chip Credit CardToday marks the official deadline when chip-enabled credit cards are to become the industry standard. Yet, according to a new survey from ACI Worldwide, 59% of consumers have not received their new, chip-enabled credit cards and 67% of credit card users have yet to receive information about the new chip based credit cards. Almost as concerning is that only a third (32%) of those who have received their EMV cards are aware that the US is moving to EMV, with the majority not knowing the real reason they received a new card.
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Credit Card Debt Increases, But Delinquencies and Charge-Offs Fall To Record Lows

Responsible Credit Card ConsumersThe market seems to be as healthy as ever for credit card issuers. Continuing a nearly year-long trend, credit card users are paying off their debts at a historic rate. According to data released separately by Fitch Ratings and the American Bankers Assocation, delinquencies and charge-offs continue to fall to all-time lows, while the number of people who pay off their balance in full every month rose to an all-time high. At the same time, however, the latest Federal Reserve data suggests that credit card debt is increasing.
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