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  • Jae

    Citi bank cards have a wide range of choices. The Citi Forward does have a fairly good bonus program including 6,000 bonus thankyou points but that is only after you spend $50 in 3 months (which should not be very hard), 5,000 bonus Thank you points when you sign up for paperless statements within 3 months – meaning that you allow yourself only to have the bill either emailed to you directly monthly or viewed at the website, 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers for 6 months but the catch- balance transfers get a 3% fee, No annual fee

  • Ken R.

    Citi and AT&T Universal are thieves. Their interest is charged daily. You can never pay off your bill because by the time you get your bill with the balance you have incur’ed additional finance charges. Never again will I do business with either of them. If you dispute your charges they charge you $30.00 late fees while your in dispute.

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