Get a 25% Discount on Any Flight Using Your ThankYou Premier Card

According to this thread on FW, if you have a ThankYou Premier credit card or a card that is due to be converted to one (such as a Citi PremierPass Elite or Citi Amex Platinum card), you can get a 25% discount off the Thank You points needed to book a flight. Better yet, this discount applies as long as you apply points towards at least a portion of the ticket, essentially allowing you to always get 25% off the best available airfare.

For example, for a ticket that normally costs $400 (or 30,000 ThankYou points), you could instead redeem 1,000 points plus $290ish in cash to get your reward ticket. Needless to say, this option considerably improves the value proposition of the ThankYou Premier card.

Is this a temporary glitch in the system or is this the way things were designed? According to the marketing materials, one of the key benefits of the Premier card is a “15% discount on all air travel when booked through our travel benefits provider, Spirit Incentives.” It should be noted, however, that ThankYou travel redemptions are provided by a different agency, Connexions Loyalty Travel Solutions.

At any rate, that is the way the system currently works, provided you have a Premier card, so take advantage while you can.

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