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  • John Bassett

    I recieved my Ritz Rewards Visa Signature card a few weeks ago and am thououghly impressed with everything from start to current. The toll free number is a dream compared to my Amex. The Amex toll free number is no more than a “vanilla” sounding person reading from a script half the time, and who more times than not just wants to wrap things up rather than acting as a Concierge. I havent even used the Concierge line on the Ritz card yet, this is just customer service where they acknoledge you as a Ritz family member for lack of better verbiage, nice feeling. As to the points and free upgrades to club level and airport lounge access and all the other goodies that come with the card, thats all nice but they really shine in the area of answering the phone and exceeding your expectations every time! I have no need to utilize any other cards anymore. Thank you Ritz and J.P Morgan for the colaberation and bringing the Ritz experience to everyday use. BTW, I was also a Marriott rewards member and yes my points were married into one new account under the Ritz card seamlessly. Bravo!!! well done.

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