Visa Business Card Bonus: Earn $100 After Spending $5000 in May and June

I just received the following offer on my Chase Business Rebate card:

Register your Chase Visa Business Rewards Card at and spend $5,000 or more between May 1 and June 30, 2008 and you’ll get a one-time $100 cash bonus. Your $100 cash bonus will automatically appear as a credit on your statement within 8 weeks of the end of the promotion.

In addition, when you use your card in May and June, you’ll be automatically entered into a sweepstakes to win a Grand Prize of a $30,000 check.

After doing a bit more investigation, I found that any Visa Small Business credit card should be eligible for this promotion. You can see more details about this promo at

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  • Justin

    That $100 is only 2% back. That’s a nice promotion for those who already have the card, but one should not apply for this card just to get the bonus.

    I personally get 2% cash back already through my Orchard card on every purchase.

  • ccwatcher


    I think the promo is a bit better than you paint it, since it’s an additional $100 bonus. That’s on top of whatever you would normally get on your card. In the case of the Chase Biz Rebate card, since it normally earns between 1-2%, you’ll be earning between 3-4% on that $5000 in spend.

    Granted, it may not be enough of a reason to sign up for a new card in and of itself, but if you’re on the fence and already considering a Visa Business card, it gives you a nice excuse to pull the trigger now.

    And as you point out, it’s a good deal for those who already have a Visa Business card.

  • I think this is one of the best deals I’ve read about on your blog so far. Thanks!

  • Your links to “register” our card do not work.

  • ccwatcher

    @Tony: Looks like Chase’s site is temporarily unavailable. I’d try again later.

  • James M Huling

    Like Tony Butcher I tried unsuccessfully for months to register online. After using Ink heavily I found no mention of bonous’s on any of my statements. My other card which has given me bonouses for years tells me every month on my statement how much I’ve earned. My Ink card is now collecting dust until they tell me without any games how much I’ve earned.

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