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PenFed Promise Card: 4.99% Balance Transfer for Life

While the number and quality of balance transfer offers has been increasing lately, it has been a while since there’s been a notable lifetime balance transfer deal. For a limited time, the PenFed Promise Card offers a promotional balance transfer deal of 4.99% APR for the life of the balance on transfers made now through March 31, 2011 with no balance transfer fees.
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Penfed Visa: 5% Rebate on Computers, Software, Electronics, Office Supplies and Books

POTENTIALLY VERY HOT: From August 1 until September 30, 2009, you’ll earn 5% cash back on eligible back to school purchases with your PenFed VISA Platinum Cash Rewards credit card. Eligible purchases include computers, computer peripherals, software, consumer electronics, office supplies and books.

I could not find mention of a cap on rebates for this promotion, which would make it very hot when you actually take a look at the list of retailers which are eligible. Every major electronics store, computer manufacturer and book store is listed, including Apple, Dell, HP,, Best Buy, among a host of others. More info and the list of eligible merchant category codes can be found here.

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