Advanta Cards: Up to $50 Bonus for Setting up Automatic Bill Pay

Eligible Advanta cardholders can receive a $5 cash back bonus for each new automatic payment that they set up using their Advanta BusinessCard, up to a maximum of 10 set ups for $50.

As reported at FW:

Not sure if this applies to all customers, but saw the ad when I logged into my account:

Earn Cash Back every month for paying all kinds of bills, including phone, eBay®, PayPalTM, cable or satellite television, even utilities. It really adds up!
Plus you’ll receive $5 in Cash Back rewards for each new automatic payment set-up using your Advanta BusinessCard now through November 15, 2008!*

*To earn and receive rewards and promotional $5 Cash Back, your account must be open and in good standing. You will earn $5 in Cash Back rewards per each automatic payment you set up using your Advanta BusinessCard between now and the promotional period end date. Limit 10 automatic account set ups for a maximum reward value of $50. Your bonus will be awarded and will appear on your statement within two (2) billing cycles after the promotional period end date (November 15, 2008).

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  • N Elvott

    I’ve been an ADVANTA Credit Card customer for over 5 years, never late or over my credit limit until recently being laid-off and having to take a job earning significantly less than before, add to that several expensive family illness and things have gotten difficult financially.
    Now when our US and World economy is the worst in decades and you listen to the news about financial institutions ripping people of like Bernard Madoff and others, ADVANTA “pushes the knife in a little deeper” for those least able to afford being “raped” by 32%+ interest rates.
    The Advanta Credit Card “creatures” set a new low on Financial Institution customer abuse. With their cost to borrow (Fed Funds Rate) the lowest in a century (under 1%), they are charging me and my family 32.99% Interest Rate on our balances! There time for being exposed Nationally for the mistreatment of customers (weather legally entitled to do so or Not!) will come at a class action law suit I hope to see in the near future.
    What a disgusting example of how to run a company … 32% interest on credit card balances…they aught to be ashamed.

  • mick eliot

    AdvantaCredit Cards are are disgrace to th eindustry. Teaser rates get you to sign-up, then without notification or being late or over limit the increase rates to over 36%!
    Even when payments aresent in 10 days prior to due date the charge you with late fees.
    With everyone having difficulties financially today, Advanta sticks it to those leastable to afford their abhorant tactics.

    Advanta Credit card services is happy to continue to extend more and more credit when things are good, but when things get tough the make it impossible to get out from under their thumb with 36% interest and late fees. They should be ashamed…they must not have families or a shred of reasonableness.

    The national average interestrate charge on credit card balance is under 12%, so much for Advanta’s customer carereputation.

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