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  • Fred Drake

    What I wonder is, can we still reap the benefits of this card for Rapid Rewards points if we use the Southwest Airlines rewards card from a month ago?

  • ccwatcher

    Hi Fred, thanks for the question. Given that it is possible to have multiple Southwest cards, I see no reason (other than already having too many cards from Chase) that you would not be able to get this card as well.

    Also, I should clarify that if you are looking to get this card for redemption on Southwest, the A+ credits you earn with this card are transferred to Rapid Rewards as the old Rapid Rewards credits, NOT as points under the new Rapid Rewards points system. One major difference between RR credits and points is that awards from credits are capacity-controlled, unlike awards under the newer points system. Credits from both A+ and RR, however, can be transferred back and forth. See this page for more details.

    In either case, 16 credits will get you a round-trip flight on either Southwest or AirTran.

  • Fred Drake

    Cool, thanks. According to the SWA credit card offer (the 50k signup bonus if spending $2k within 3 months), you aren’t eligible if you’ve ever taken part of the SWA credit card offer in the past. I was checking if we’d still be able to take advantage of this plan for SWA rewards, after using the SWA card. It looks like we can.

    Thanks for the clarification on the RR credits versus RR points. Rewards systems can be confusing enough without two simultaneous units of “currency” out there!

  • ccwatcher

    Glad to be of assistance. One other thing to be aware of that I forgot to mention initially is that if you did just recently apply for the SWA card, you may run into problems getting an instant approval with Chase, as they prefer that you don’t sign up for more than one of their cards within too short of a time frame. If you apply and get a deferred decision (or are rejected), you will want to call their reconsideration line at 888-245-0625, as they can be of great help in this kind of circumstance.

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