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  • epicam

    Poor purchase protection. Bought a tv from an online retailer and was charged the wrong amount. Made many attempts to contact the retailer but didn’t receive answers to my messages. After 9 days I sent an email to cancel the order. All of a sudden I get a confirmation number for shipping and half a dozen calls from the online retailer. By this point I was done and just wanted to cancel it but they said I would still be responsible for over $300 for shipping and insurance. I called BoA to dispute this charge and the guy i talked to [Jeremy] seemed to be doing a lot of things and having me hold and then comes back and says everything was all fine and done and he has put in the dispute for the difference in what they charged me. I said whoa. I don’t want to deal with this company and I want to dispute the whole charge. I haven’t received the tv, correspondence to my queries, nor a shipping confirmation [until after I canceled]. I explained that it wasn’t the price we agreed on and I no longer trusted the retailer so I just want to cancel the order. BoA follows the policies of the online retailers and according to the retailer’s policy the consumer would be responsible for shipping charges if the product was refused or returned. I obviously didn’t have a product to return and the online retailer sent me the shipping confirmation the day after I sent an email to them to cancel the order. According to BoA it doesn’t matter if I cancelled the order since I originally agreed to some of the charges. The BoA rep suggested the retailer doesn’t have to cancel my order, and chose instead to ignore it. BoA said they didn’t see a problem with that because I agreed to the original order, despite the original order being a much lower cost than what was charged to my card. I said I have all the documentation with the order confirmation and all the emails I sent. BoA said great, we can go ahead and dispute the difference in the charge, just return the tv if you no longer want it and they will just add the shipping charges per their policy for returned items. I asked him what protection does BoA provide to me against retailers that were fraudulently charging me the wrong amount. Jeremy paused and said, ‘well it’s in their policy that you will be charged for shipping so that’s what we have to do”. I replied, “so BoA thinks it is perfectly fine for a retailer to ignore a customer cancellation and still charge whatever they feel like. Jeremy’s meek response was, ‘that’s not what I’m saying’. So what are you saying? ‘That we have to go by the retailer’s policies so when you return the tv they will be able to charge you for the shipping. I asked, ‘do you see anything inherently wrong with this?’. He didn’t. I hung up and am planning to reach out to corporate to determine why their policies support the retailers and not the consumers from whom they are making their money in interest paid on purchases. I would NEVER recommend BoA. Their business model serves the interests of the retailers, not the consumers. RUN from this card as fast as you can!

  • matteo scavelli

    please note b.a. divertise after spend $500.00 in ninty days, you will get #400.00 reward

  • matteo scavelli

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