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  • Amir

    I can tell you based on about 5 years of experience with this card, that it is by far the worst credit card you can ever have. They give you 100,000 miles, but they charge $100 annual fee. That’s not even the bad part. Not even remotely close. The bad part is that those miles are entirely useless. Maybe even a little bit worse than useless!!! Till about 6 months ago this was my primary card and I saved up about 250,000 miles. Then, for the very first time I decided to use these miles for two free flights to Dubai. I was beyond unpleasantly surprised. They wanted about 200,000 miles for two tickets and on top of that, they wanted over $1,400 in cash for taxes and fees. It was absolutely absurd. I checked on Kayak and I could buy two round trip tickets to Dubai for $1,700 including all taxes and fees. I honestly felt enormousness deceived and cheated like never before in my life. So many years wasted on a truly horrible credit card. I was just disgusted. I did a ton of research and there’s really no practical way to get any descent value out of these miles. I tried using some miles through their OneWorld alliance and other airlines, but couldn’t get anywhere with that either. Literally everything was blacked out for months in advance. I finally ended up wasting 130,000 miles on a two night hotel stay in Palm Springs. It was a nice hotel, but their regular cash price was about $270 per night. Now, I’m trying to figure out how I can get rid of the remaining miles. The minute I do that, this card is getting cancelled and I’m never looking back. Except that I’ll also have to figure out how to get rid of my wife’s 130,000 miles on this crappy card. I truly hope you will post this comment, so your other loyal readers won’t fall for this trap. It’s just immoral. I’ve never seen another card like this before.

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