Chase Freedom Card: Earn 3% in Top 5 Categories with Chase Checking

As of their June statement, Chase Freedom credit card holders will automatically earn 3% in their top 5 everyday spending categories each month if they also have a Chase Checking account. Freedom cardholders without a checking relationship will continue to earn a bonus in their top 3 everyday categories. In either case, the max amount of spending eligible for the bonus is still capped at $600 per month. (Via SD).

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  • Chase cards are strange – at first they offer attractive and competitive deals, but the moments something goes wrong, the rates skyrocket and then the debt becomes unbearable. Admittedly, this could occur with any credit card or debt and it is the cardholder’s responsibility to see that this does not happen. However, with Chase, it seems to be especially horrible since their support is not very good. Sometime, I think Chase needs to send their whole customer service team to charm school – I have been talked to demeaningly and harshly by Chase customer support when I called to see if they woudl work with me to lower my interest rate to help me pay off my debt. One customer service rep even said in a harsh voice – if you had been careful about your spending, you wouldn’t have been in this position at all – not a very nice thing to say to one of your customers – and when I asked to be connected with her supervisor, she said, “Of course”, and then hung up on me. Another rep suggested that I transfer my balance to another card instead of asking for a lower rate – so you see.. Chase is unwilling to reduce interest rates even at the cost of losing business. And these are stories that I hear repeatedly over and over again on various PF blogs. I agree, that at first their deals are pretty sweet, but overall Chase is HORRIBLE.

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