Experian Provides Free Credit Report, Monitoring Through Its Mobile App

ExperianExperian has launched their own mobile app, providing free access to your Experian credit report, as well as free credit monitoring and alerts. The Experian Free Credit Report app is currently in beta, and available on both iOS and on Android.

In addition to showing your free credit report, including your credit accounts, inquiries and public records, the app also provides free alerts when a new account is opened in your name, an address is changed, a public record is listed, or there’s a new hard inquiry. Your credit report is automatically updated every 30 days when you sign in.

Experian – Free Credit Report App Overview

The dashboard shows you an overview of your credit report. You can swipe through each of the bubbles to dig deeper into your data.

You can also view alerts for your new credit activity.

The app shows your complete credit report, including all of your credit accounts, inquiries and public records.
Credit Report

Details of each of your accounts, inquiries and public records are also available to view. For instance, you can see the details of your mortgage:

Mortgage Detail

No credit card information is required to access the app, and unlike the Experian’s old FreeCreditReport.com site, you aren’t required to sign up for any “free” trial services. Of course, Experian is more than happy to upsell you some of its other services. If you want your Experian FICO score, you’ll have to pay for it. If you want your Equifax or TransUnion credit report or score, you can purchase that information as well through the app.

But there’s quite a bit of value to be had without the need to pay for anything. It’s great that another free resource is now available to consumers who want to take charge of their credit profile. To download the app, see the following links:

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