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  • Russ Nielsen

    Was I approved?

  • thornton robert

    I would like this CC for 80,000 point for air miles, how do i apply?

  • Elbert M Burr

    I was approved 3/22/13 for the Priority Club Visa card 80,000 Bonus Points program

  • michael stearsman

    how do i apply for the priority club visa credit card; 80,000 bonus points

  • ccwatcher

    Michael, you can apply via the link found in the post above. Note that the link doesn’t mention 80,000 points, but it appears that people are still getting the bonus.

  • Patrick

    Do you know how to currently get the 80,000 bonus points offer? If it isn’t currently available, do you know how frequently and typically when they make this offer available at-large?


  • ccwatcher

    Unfortunately, the 80,000 bonus points offer is not currently available. The last time it was available was in August/September.

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