Want to keep up with the latest credit card deals?


  • kim

    Tried but still 30k any ideas?

  • ccwatcher

    Kim, Do you have recent mileage activity? Did you have miles recently post? Some recent activity needs to show up in your account to see the offer. You may try logging in from another browser to see if that helps also.

  • mark

    Is there the same option for a biz version

  • ccwatcher

    Hi Mark, if you go to the landing page for the offer, in the upper right hand corner there is a link that says “Are you a business owner?” If you click that link, it will take you to the application for the business Explorer card. Note that the current offer–even if you have recent mileage activity–does *not* include the $50 statement credit.

  • Mark

    The biz card only has the 30k offer as far i see

  • Jessica

    Hi Mark, is this an on-going offer? When will this offer expire?

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