Win $100,000 in Visa’s Holiday Sweepstakes

Visa is giving away a million dollars as ten $100,000 grand prizes in its holiday sweepstakes this year. When you use your Visa card between November 1 and December 31, 2006, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win.

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  • Reginald Cain

    I hope to win to this sweepstakes because it would really be a blessing to me my family and others.I will also strive to help the needy etc.

  • I pray to earn or win this level of money, for it would be a good start to a charity that I would like to start, offerring affordable housing, etc. to elderly, handicaps, and mostly veterans and homeless…Also, I have family in dire straits, with health and finances. Visa, is the only credit card I own and use! Thanks for the holiday opportunity, on behalf of all of those who win or whose spirits are lifted by VISA!

  • John Paul Consolacion

    I have a question, I won the sweepstake, but i’m not 18 years old……what happens?

  • Helen Cryan

    I’ve said this about a lot of sweepstakes and i will say it here. All sweepstakes are scams and frauds. How do i know? I’ve entered tons of sweepstakes and what have I ever won? Zip, Zilch, nada. That’s why I won’t enter anymore as they are nothing but scams and NOBODY REALLY WINS ANYTHING

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